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Batteries not included!

If there’s one thing that annoys parents most it has to be when their child is given a present that requires batteries and they are not included.

Do manufacturers realise just how annoying this is? If it’s all about keeping the cost down – well we have to buy the batteries anyway – so why not charge an extra 50p or £1 and include batteries.

Imagine you’ve wanted a new BMW for ages, you’ve drooled over it in the showroom and eventually it’s going to be delivered – tomorrow.

It’s a special day – you can’t wait and you continually look out of your window just to make sure that the delivery firm can find your house.

At last the car has arrived and it’s being carefully loaded off the carrier and parked ready for you to take out for a test drive, just as soon as you’ve signed for it.

As the carrier leaves you rush over to your gleaming new car and click the handle to open the door.

Oops! Something seems to have gone wrong – the door won’t open. Where’s the key? You thought it would be in the ignition but it’s not. Who on earth would send a car without a key – your disappointment is epic.

Now you can’t take it out for a drive, or sit inside it until the neighbours notice it, or show it off to your friends. Not a nice feeling eh?

Think now how a child feels on their birthday or on Christmas morning? That same excitement you felt as you waited for your car as they wait for the postman to make his delivery or to see it wrapped under the Christmas tree. The excitement as they rush to tear open the parcel knowing that Gran or Santa would send exactly what they wanted.

They’ve told their friends all about it and their coming round later to take a look. Oops! Here we go again, except this time it’s not keys that are missing – its batteries, but the disappointment is just as severe.

So, manufacturers, when you’re packaging up your new toy releases, ready to hit the shops, take a moment to think about the car without keys and the toys without batteries.

Make receiving a toy a complete package and include batteries even if they are just for demonstration purposes.

How do you feel about toys not coming with batteries? Do you get just as frustrated as us? Comment using our comments box below:

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