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Be Hip This Christmas With Groov-e Streetz Stereo Headphones

Christmas is a time for music, dancing and lots of laughing however sometimes kids music isn’t always of the same taste of the adult’s – there’s only so many times you’re going to be Beiberfied!  but now children any age can listen to their favourite songs with Groov-e Streetz Stereo Headphones. We were kindly sent this to review.

Arriving in it’s plastic casing (just like My First Headphones) adults will be needed to open the box, once you are inside, the Streetz GB-897-BE headphones are really quick and fast to set up, perfect for when kids want to use them immediately on Christmas morning.

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You can purchase any of the Groov-e Streetz Stereo Headphones here from Amazon UK.

Available in seven different colours including Black, white, pink, red, violet, green and blue (we kindly received the blue one’s to review) they are bang on trend and will stand out when worn!  Just like all Groov-e headphones they have very soft and comfortable ear pads which won’t leave your ears aching after use.

The headband is light and not irritating however like most over head earphones you will need to adjust to fit comfortably and they are slightly heavier than the My First Headphones by Groov-e.  The cord which is around 1.2m is excellent as it is so long you can place your iPod in you pocket and know its not stretching and falling out.

Sound quality even though they are for kids is on point, the Streetz headphones will give out around 108DB and if you feel it is too loud or quiet simply push the button to turn up or down.

Overall UnderTheChristmasTree personally through these would make an excellent stocking filler as they retail at around £12.99 and with so many different colours to choose from you will be the hippest parent around.

You can purchase any of the Groov-e Streetz Stereo Headphones here from Amazon UK.

What song would you listen to first with your new headphones?  Comment below and let us know!

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