Ben 10 Toys

Join in the adventures with Ben with the Ben 10 toys range!

Ben was just an ordinary 10 year old before he was transformed into a superhero but not just one superhero but several. His journey began when he went on a camping tip with Grandpa Max and Gwen – his cousin. He discovers a strange looking device which is the Omnitrix, which locks itself on to his wrist!

It is soon realized that with the Omnitrix on, Ben can moph into bizarre aliens such as Heatblast, Stinkfly, Upgrade, Razorjaws, Ghostfreak, Grey Matter, Upgrade, Fourarms, XLR8, Wildmutt and Diamondhead. Each of these aliens have different special abilities which Ben can use while at the same time maintaining his 10 year old personality. However being a superhero is much more difficult that he thought it would be as the evil alien Vilgax is pursing him relentlessly to try and get the Omnitrix and the powers that Ben has!

The range of Ben 10 toys are based around the hit TV show’s episodes and characters, so you can expect minifigures, playsets, cars and more.

When he is not tangling with Vilgax’s cronies or other earthbound villains, Ben is traveling the country in Grampa Max’s van; a good-humoured, open-minded mentor who just wants to put a little bit more exciting in his grandson’s life by taking him on a cross country summer vacation. They are joined on their trip by Gwen who is ben’s cousin, she is smart and level headed. Join Ben as he goes on these adventures and fights those nasty and evil aliens!

These are no longer available.

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