Big Twist for Eastenders Christmas 2014 Episode

Eastenders Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has revealed plans for the soaps Christmas episode, which see’s more murder mystery into the build up to finding out the killer of Lucy Beale!

Nothing goes down better in a soap than a ‘Whodunnit’ and it seems executive producer Dominic is planning to throw a huge curveball into the mystery surrounding Lucy Beales death.

As we all know Ian’s daughter, Lucy Beale (played by Hetti Bywater) met her maker during Good Friday’s episode, with the rest of the family and the square finding out the following week.

The story and mystery will play out until February 2015 with viewers finding out who the killer is on the 30th anniversary – that’s a pretty long time to wait!

Think you will get bored or guess who it is straight away?  think again! as Treadwell-Collins has assured viewers that they can expect a huge twist on the run up to Christmas 2014:

“It’s going to run into the 30th anniversary during February next year,” he said at a press event to launch the 2014 Easter episodes. “But there are some very big curveballs to be thrown at the audience between now and then. And in the run-up to Christmas this year, there is a big twist that will make everybody gasp.”

With only four people on the production team knowing who the murderer is, will you be able to guess?

Could it be a drug dealer? Has Whitney became to jealous or has Peter finally had enough?  One thing is for sure – we have one to many theories.

Why not share your ‘Whodunnit’ theories with us and others below:

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  1. helena
    April 26, 2014 / 3:27 pm

    eastenders it will be Ian

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