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Bigsby Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy

The Bigsby Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy by Hallmark is the perfect bedtime pal. Bigsby has many features. We were kindly sent this to review and some of the features include;-

  • As you read to Bigsby, he responds
  • 100% interactive
  • Free Storybuddy app
  • Batteries are included
  • RRP £19.99

You can buy Bigsby from Hallmark here: Bigsby Interactive Storybook And Story Buddy

Bigsby is a fluffy friendly monster with floppy ears and one tooth.  His big googly eyes are yellow and black with a welcoming feel to them. To touch, he feels like a fluffy jumper, he is pretty light to lift and  has red shoes on his feet which have a yellow ‘B’ on the sole.

Bigsby is fully interactive and when you first receive him simply remove the tab from the battery compartment, press the On/Off button on the ear to start. Then read to Bigsby in a quite place but make sure that you speak in a clear voice when you see the highlighted phrases. He will react to your storytelling by making different noises and responding with different phrases, such as; – “That’s not okie dokie!” and “Bigsbys best friend, is you!”

The book that is included in this interactive set is called ‘Bigsbys Best Friend’ and talks all about the adventures of this fun loving furry monster in which Sam who is the outgoing, friendly new kid in town, follows giant footprints on the ground, only to find an extremely shy Bigsby. Will Sam & Bigsby become the best of friends?

This is suitable for ages 3+ and comes with 3 x AA batteries.

Bigsby really helps to bring together the entire family and encourages your children to interact both with Bigsby and with you in a fun, educational environment.

There are other books to collect, all of which will receive different responses from Bigsby, meaning your children will never get bored of hearing from their new story buddy.

Overall we thought that Bigsby is a great way to encourage children to read and it is not only fun but educational as well. Bigsby himself was very cute and the stories all have a very good meaning to them. He is easy to store away as you can juts put him back in the box that he came in or store away easily in a cupboard etc.

Bigsby Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy Reviews

Do you have any thoughts on Bigsby Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy?  Comment below and let us know.

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