Bin Weevils Toys

Fun, exciting and always changing the Binweevils online world is the number one choice for children age 5 to 12 years old.

This virtual 3D world lets you create characters, chat, play games and even spend virtual money.

Bin Weevils look like little insects as they all have black legs and a body like a spider, each have different names, personality’s and looks.

Bringing the virtual world to life, there are now a huge range of toys for fans to collect including playsets, figures, trading cards, bin bots and  more.

Below are Bin Weevils toys:

Introducing you to Bin Weevils

Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of these funny looking critters where eating sludge cake is a must!

BinWeevils won a BAFTA and is the no.1 kid’s virtual world, beating out its competitors! You can play online with friends and create a whole world where you work,keep fit and even own a house sorry we mean nest.

Just like the virtual world the new toys will be based on the characters and bin weevil world you play with, you can expect figures, plush’s, games and more to be available.

Helping to focus on the fun element, the online website helps children to develop an engaging and friendly environment where they can improve social and educational skills by playing brain games, or teaching them about time and money.

Taking kids safety very seriously Bin Weevils came up with an unique online safety system, which monitors kids’ online behavior, educates them on avoiding bad language, and taking precautions like warning and banning where needed, so parents need not worry when they are playing online.

The new toys might give you the creeps but children will love them.

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