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BREAKING NEWS: Santa Claus Doesn’t Like Mince Pies!

Breaking news has just been flown in and according to very high up sources *cough* Blitzen & Dasher *cough* Santa Clause has announced his dislike for none other than the too tempting MINCE PIE!!

Sources close to the main man himself revealed to us at UnderTheChristmasTree that Santa has never been a huge fan of the fruity tart (and no we’re not talking about Mrs Claus on Valentines day!) but the tasty treat which fills our cupboard every year.

According to the terrible twosome (Blitzen and Dasher) Santa is quoted as saying “I always try to eat them so as not to offend the very kind boys and girls who leave one for me” – shock….yes we are in HUGE shock!.

Blitzen & Dasher revealed that whilst Santa dislikes mince pies, they love them and are a hit at the North Pole during coffee breaks – phew, we know what names we’ll be putting on the tag next time.

Of course, with it being April 1st, we doubt Santa will have to worry about eating all those Mince Pies for a few more months yet….

What do you think about Santa hiding his hatred for mince pies and can your REALLY believe it? Comment below!

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