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BREAKING NEWS: Santa Claus Tricks Everyone at UnderTheChristmasTree

BREAKING NEWS….again! according to our sneaky little spies at the North Pole Santa has just played the ultimate April fools on UnderTheChristmasTree and yes, he doesn’t like mince pie’s but he…. LOVES them!

Mrs Claus has informed us that her and Santa had been planning this little prank for sometime and thought who better to play it on than the UK’s BIGGEST Christmas website?!

Well Santa you well and truly got us and it’s not just your cheeks who are rosy after this.

So from everyone at UnderTheChristmasTree HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY and to Santa…..the mince pie’s and sherry are on us.

Did you fall for the prank or was there never a doubt in your mind? Let us know your thoughts below!

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