Bruce Forsyth To Dance Back On Our Screens This Christmas

bruce86 year old entertainer Bruce Forsyth has decided to hang up his dancing shoes and will no longer be hosting the live shows for Strictly Come Dancing, but it seems Brucey is somewhat shocked at the fact that there has been such a fuss…

Strictly Come Dancing is known for two things – Overuse of the fake tan and Bruce Forsyth, but it seems Bruce has decided to step down from his role as host of the hit television show.

Talking to Michael McIntyre, he says:

I didn’t expect it to make all the fuss it did.  I’m very flattered by all that and it’s been marvellous.  But I’m doing the Christmas Show and the Children in Need special as it’s a charity show and the BBC have got a couple of other little things, specials, for me to do that I’ll love doing as well.

But why did Bruce decide to step down?

Well, it comes to a time when you get to a stage and say this is enough. And I do get tired doing live telly.  Live telly is very, very strenuous, especially when some of the shows are an hour and 40 minutes long.

BBC Bruce Forsyth Christmas Special

Will Bruce miss Strictly or is he glad to finally have some time to himself at the age of 86 years old?

“It’s the biggest show on television and I had to think very seriously about giving it up, but I know it’s better for me.  It’s better for me physically.  I’ll be able to spend more time with my wife and my family.  I’ll be able to have little breaks, which are good.  As I say, it’s live every week, and if I made a mistake with the autocue… it’s big news – ‘oh, he’s 86 years old and past it’.  And I was getting all that which you don’t need. Who needs it?”

He finished his interview by saying “I’ll miss it… I’ll miss it like mad. I really will. It was a big decision.  I’d rather do it this year than wait another year.”

According to our spies, Claudia Winkleman is tipped to replace Bruce, would you be happy to have Claudia as a replacement this Christmas?

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