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Bubble Buster Game

Loads of fun and squeals of laughter guaranteed with the new Bubble Buster game from Drumond Park which were kindly sent to review and which features:

  • Bubble bursting fun
  • for 2 players
  • suitable for age 4+
  • Batteries required 2 x AAA & 4 xAA

Bubble Buster Game

Will you be the bubble busting master?  Can you Ping the most bubbles with your horned bubble bursting wand? This fun game can be played in the home but like all bubble games it may leave your kitchen/wooden floors a little slippery, particularly around the blower, so please take care when playing.

Ideal for those days when the sun shine and the kids could do to run off some of their pent up, tied down at school, energy. As bubble buster is a game designed for 2 this could be something all your children could play together.

A word of warning! Adults beware! This game is such a lot of fun you’ll be sorely tempted to try it out for yourself, we did and now we can’t wait for lunch breaks to have another bubble bursting challenge, we even have a leader board going, of who’s tallied up the most pings – so far Mandy is top of the tree but Holly’s not far behind and is more than willing to take on the challenge.

Easy to set up, simply, using a Philips screwdriver, unscrew the battery compartment and install 2AAA batteries into each of the two wands and 4 AA batteries into the bubble blower.

When we opened the box for the first time we couldn’t help smiling at the contents.

  • 2 x Bubble Buster Wand
  • 1 x Bubble Blower
  • 1 x Bubble Solution
  • Instructions

The two ‘little devil’ bubble catchers have alien type white eyes and a big black smile, these features are on each of the three blue pieces and are featured on the bottle of bubble solution included.

To fill your bubble blower with solution you simply remove his white eyes and fill the bowl inside with around 4 mm of your solution.

When you’re ready to start bursting bubbles press the blue button on top of the blower’s head, press it again when you’re ready to stop – or when dinner’s ready!

In order to become the winner you must be first to burst the magical 20th bubble – don’t worry – you don’t have to keep count as the clever wands do that for you as their wand will make a chime to let them know they’ve won. Should both wands chime together then it’s a draw and time for a decider game. When the game is over pour any remaining bubble liquid still in the blower back into the bottle.

Please note that as both the wands and the bubble blower are electronic they should NOT be placed in or near water.

The only downside I can find to this game, is my usual grump, batteries are not included.

This Drumond Park game is so much fun that children will have great fun playing it again and again and when the bubble solution runs out it can easy be replaced using any quality bubble solution for mechanical blowers.

Would we recommend this game for kids – absolutely!

Bubble Buster Game Reviews

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