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Bubble Buster Kazoo Game

Bubble bursting fun for 2 players with the Bubble Buster Kazoo Game which we were kindly sent to review and which features:

  • Bubble Buster wand
  • Bubble Buster Kazoo
  • Bubble Tray
  • Bubble Solution

UnderTheChristmasTree knew the second we saw this toy kids would love it! Suitable for ages 4 and over, this game is simple to play and easy for little ones to understand.

Each must take a turn at blowing the bubbles while the other must try to burst the bubbles using the blue bubble buster wand.

First to go is the bubble blower who must dip the end of the Kazoo into the tray of bubble solution before starting to blow bubbles; they must continue to do this until the game is over.

Grabbing hold of their special bubble buster wand, the Bubble Buster must press the start button, giving them 30 seconds to ping as many bubbles as they can with their wand.

At the end of the game the wand will play a short tune and say the number of bubbles that were ‘pinged’.  Each player now swaps side and the fun begins again, however, this time the bubble buster knows what score they have to beat in order to win.

When both players have completed their game, just like magic the wand will tell them who had the highest score and won the game. Easy to set up this game requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) which must be inserted into the wand using a Philips screwdriver.

Ideal for playing either at home this run around game is perfect for taking with them when visiting friends or the park.  The Bubble Buster Kazoo game from Drumond Park can be played indoors but like all bubble games the spray from the bubbles may leave your floor a little slippery so please take care when playing. If you require any further information visit www.drumondpark.com

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