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Bubblegum to Fix car leaks? Funny DIY Attempts

Do it yourself attempts have never been so popular especially with the rise of bills and living costs and a new study by www.bba-reman.com shows us just what funny ways people will attempt to fix problems themselves.

The new study which was conducted by BBA Reman showed the DIY lengths some drivers will go to in order to keep their vehicle going.

Below are out top 5 picks from the results.

1)  Bubblegum to fix car leaks?  Yes this might sound odd and that is because it is, however a man in his late thirty’s attempted to use bubblegum to try and fix not one but 5 small leaks in his car – let’s just hope it was strawberry flavour for a nice smell.

2)  Handheld pocket fans for air-conditioning?  Well we know the days can be warm and when driving in your car the heat can build up however we don’t think taping 20 pocket sized fans to your dash board is the solution but this is exactly what one elderly man did.

3)  Lost your keys? Use heavy duty chains!  When we read this one we couldn’t help but chuckle.  You at some point or another have misplaced the keys but have you ever used wind heavy duty chains to go around your car when you couldn’t find them?  A woman in her late 50s did.

4)  Twig’s for indicator?  We all know cars are installed with it’s own indicator (even though some drivers forget this) but when it breaks how do you fix it? a man from Leeds thought his solution would be to replace with a twig.

5) No car bonnet?  A duvet will do!.  A married couple from Epping decided that they would opt for a double duvet cover to protect their engine after not having a car bonnet. Crazy? yeah we think so too!

Did these make you chuckle and think about your own DIY attempts?  or do you think their is real danger with people trying to carry out their own DIY adventures?

Share your funny DIY experiencs below using our fast and easy comment box.  We would love to read them!

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