Budget Beach Break

Packing up your cozzies, sandwiches and juice for a quickly arranged day at the beach is great fun for everyone.

After an excited car or bus journey you and your tribe have reached the sun drenched (?) beach not too far from home.

The breeze is picking up as the tide starts to come in – now’s not the time to sit, relax and wait for the lapping tide to get to the shore.  The kids will have other ideas in mind and want to head off to walk across the sand to get a quick dip well before everyone else.

As the mud squelches through your toes, you can smell the distinctive salty smell as you set off to reach the sea.

Eventually you reach your goal and everyone gets into the spirit of the day by splashing, laughing and generally having great fun together.

Back to the shore with your collection of shells, for a quick bite to eat as you huddle inside your towels trying not to get sand in your sandwich.

This is when you hear ‘what are we going to do now?’

You’ve been here before and this time you’ve come prepared.

As the weather improved you had an inkling that a trip to the beach could be on the cards soon and so went on a spending spree – a low budget spending spree.

Hopping in to town you visited your local pound (£) store and stocked up on buckets and spades, giant sunglasses, a frisbee, blow up ball, water guns and other things to keep them occupied throughout the day.

As the tide leaves the shore everyone starts packing up and heads home, happy, laughing, joking together and hungrily looking forward to tea.

Surprise them by stopping on the way home to buy everyone a portion of chips to eat in the car- mmm nothing ever smelled or tasted so good.

Exhausted after their great day out and full after scoffing their chips, the children – looking like little angels, quickly fall asleep as you finish the drive home.

These are the days that your children will tell all their friends about and will be a lasting memory that is often talked about.

Ha-ha mum, remember when you slipped at the beach and landed in the mud?  Do you remember that café we stopped at on the way home for chips? It was the best ever!

Memories like these are priceless.

Get in touch and tell us about your impromptu day out with the kids.

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