Bygone Christmases – Welcome to the Eighties

back to the 80'sWelcome to the 80’s!

As our Bygone Christmases continues we take a look back at the 1980’s, so froth up that coffee and take a look at the era when the Queen found someone other than Prince Philip sitting on her bed and ET wanted to go home.

Every month UnderTheChristmasTree’s ByGone Christmas series takes a look back to a different decade as we discuss the fashion of the day, the music we danced to and the toys Santa left under our christmas trees

The 80’s saw Charles and Diana tie the knot, followed three years later by the arrival of Prince Harry. Shoulder pads and sweatbands arrived on the scene and became the ultimate in fashionable attire and UB40 sang about some ‘Red, Red Wine‘.

charles and diana tie the knot

Television continued to play an important part in family life, none more so than on Christmas Day, when families opened their presents listening to morning Carols, ate dinner after the Queen’s Speech and laughed till they hurt at Del and Rodney’s latest ‘only Fools and Horses‘ escapade.

only fools and horses

The eighties was a decade of punks and mullets; seaside holidays continued to be popular, only now more of us jetted off on a package holidays for two weeks in the sun.

This was the decade when we were introduced to satellite TV and the Berlin Wall came down, when we all tuned in to the arrival of Breakfast TV and MTV and Shergar was kidnapped.

berlin walls tumble

The 80’s saw the end of the £1 note, John Lennon was shot and tragedy hit football fans at the Hillsborough disaster.

It was the decade of the video games revolution and the sandwich toaster, when every available filling was wedged between 2 slices of square bread and sealed around the edges and a Lego railway set and dolls who magically grew in a cabbage patch were top toys for Christmas.

cabbage patch dolls
Fashion changed as everything appeared to get bigger. Big glasses became fashion accessories and shoulder pads changed our shape. Jeans were still a top fashion item but flares had disappeared to be replaced by drainpipe jeans preferably with some added sparkles or even paint splatters, and if you were really cool and a true fashionista, you added a denim jacket to complete the ultimate eighties look and leg warmers kept us warm when we wore our mini skirts.

80s fashion

Were the eighties your favourite decade? Why not join in with our ByGone Christmases theme and tell us about your memories and family traditions. It’s easy to get in touch – simply comment below.


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