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Camping Misgivings

Are camping holidays not quite your thing?  Do you think it’s all about slumming it in a field somewhere, heating up tins of baked beans which you will eat from a metal plate and wash from water taken from a container?

That may well have been the case back in the day – but things have changed big style since Adam was a boy.

Now tents are luxury and elegant, with loads of space for everyone and dividers that turn your tent into a two roomed apartment.

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to camping and by taking along a few cushions, rugs, and blankets you can turn your tent into a cosy and glamorous holiday apartment.

Invest in air beds for the family – much better than trying to get comfortable in a sleeping bag and they take up less space. Take along your own pillows, they’ll make all the difference to a good nights sleep – especially for the children.

Take along a few lanterns, a picnic table and chairs for everyone and a summery table cover and you’ve got an instant al-fresco dining area.

There is really little difference between camping and renting an apartment, either way you choose how you have your meals.

Either you make it in the apartment kitchen or on the BBQ outside the tent.

Camp sites have loads on offer and there is usually a take-away close by if you don’t fancy cooking.

Take a drive into the local town for the day and treat yourselves to a nice evening meal out.

Campsites are a great place to meet new people and your children will quickly find other children to play with. Get together with other campers in the evening for a fun evening meal that everyone will enjoy.

Changed your mind about camping? Why not give it a try even for a weekend.

Get in touch below and tell us about your first ever camping experience.

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