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Cartoon Network flips homepage for Kobot Toy Figures

Kids website Cartoon Network turns homepage upside down as part of the promotion for the new Kobot toy figurines.

If you have been one of the millions who have already been onto the Cartoon Network website you would have noticed something just a little strange…the homepage has been turned topsey turvey to celebrate the latest releases of the kobot figures from Magic Box.

Visitors to the website will have loads of fun as they will be able to fire virtual Kobots through a circular target, to be able to turn the homepage back to normal, UnderTheChristmasTree is heading over for a go now.


Aiming to promote different ways you can play with Kobots the flipped homepage will certainly catch the eye of youngsters.

“The flipped homepage is a real eye-catching introduction to the Kobots Federation, but it also promotes a stand out feature of Kobots – that the base can be flipped upside down to change the game play.” said Ben Harper, UK and Ireland director at Magic Box.

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