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Cat Phone B15 Smartphone

Say hello to the Cat B15 Smartphone.  This phone allows you to be rough with your phone without breaking it. We were kindly sent this to review. This has many features including;-

  • Water resistant
  • Shatter proof
  • Dust resistant
  • RRP £299.99

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In Stock & Available with free delivery from Amazon UK

How many times have you dropped your mobile phone and just instinctively known that this is the straw that broke the Camel’s back? We’ve done it dozens of times, and each time we wish there was a phone that was more durable and less easy to break. Look no further than the Cat B15 Smartphone.

We all have heard of Caterpillar – what man doesn’t love Cat boots? Now, Caterpillar have released the Cat B15 Smartphone which is designed to be used in tough conditions and even protects against shattering and is water resistant.

The B15 Smartphone runs just like any normal smartphone. It uses Android 4.1 (jelly bean) and can be used like a regular phone. You can download apps and even play games on this. The B15 phone is very durable and as it’s water and dust resistant and won’t smash to smithereens if it happens to get dropped, it would be perfect for sports enthusiasts.

To touch, this feels bulky and almost industrial.  It makes you feel like you’re holding the ‘terminator’ of all phones in your hands.  With that said, the design is fresh and it is surprisingly lightweight. It feels rubbery and is a comfortable shape in your hand.  In terms of using this, it is a touchscreen and we half expected it to be tough to use, but actually the touch screen is just as sensitive as any other touch screen.

The instructions are inside the box and according to Caterpillar it can be dropped from 1.8 metres head first onto concrete and it will simply bounce back, unharmed. The smartphone is IP67 certified, which means that it can be dropped into water and can even be used with wet fingers without breaking.

Check out Holly from our team demonstration the new CAT B15 Smartphone:

John (office techie fan) put it through its paces to see if this really does do as it says on the box and he was happy to report that ‘Yes- it does!  He dropped it from his desk, with force, onto a concrete floor and it simply bounced back up. He also used wet dirty hands to accessour emails on the phone and there was no damage whatsoever.  He then backfired a vacuum cleaner to see how this would work with dust and we can report there were no issues and it worked perfectly.

If you like to snap a few pictures on the go, then you won’t be disappointed with the 5 mega pixel camera with video capability. As you  can also use Wifi and  play FM radio,  as well as play all your favourite tracks with the multimedia player, you’ll never be without your favourite tunes, and in the unlikely event that you need more storage you can always top it up with a micro SD card.  On top of all that, you can also use social media, play games and send emails.  Impressive huh?

Reviews For Cat B15 Smartphone

Do you have the Cat B15 Smartphone? If you do, we would love to hear your thoughts on this new revolutionary phone.  Let us know your experiences and we might even feature your review on our website.


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