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Catch Phrase TV Board Game

Catch Phrase from Drumond Park is a great new version of the popular TV game show which we were sent to review and which features:

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  • Playing board
  • Hundreds of the double-sided picture cards needed for Individual, Rapid Fire, Super Catch Phrase and Bonus rounds
  • Bonus Catch Phrase picture frame
  • Mr Chips card holder & Instructions.
  • For 2 – 4 players
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Buy Here at Amazon UK for £19.99 + Free UK Delivery

Catch Phrase is one of UnderTheChristmasTree’s favourite television game shows and Stephen Mulhern, who hosts the program, adds even more fun to the game with his funny quips and expressions. When we discovered that Drumond Park were to release a board game version of the show we couldn’t wait to get my sticky paws on to it.

Ripping off the cellophane cover I (Elaine) removed the lid, which shows the Catch Phrase logo, Stephen Mulhern and Mr Chips, inside were easy to read instructions and everything needed to play the game.  This is not an electronic game, so batteries are not required.

Everything inside the board game box is easy to assemble and once you’ve got your cards, Mr Chips card holder and money laid out all that’s left to do is decide who will be host and get started.

Each player hosts a round of; Individual, Rapid-Fire and Super Catch Phrase puzzles. There are Bonus Catchphrases to solve and Mr. Chips to hold up the Catch Phrase cards. To add to the fun, in this version, you all play right to the end of the game and it’s the player with the most money who wins after everyone has taken a turn at being the host.

Holly was chosen to be the first host of our game and she sneakily chose a bonus card, checked the answer and popped it into the catch phrase frame, covering the 8 remaining windows.

Game on, and I was determined to win, after all I’d watched the whole TV series and ended up getting quite smart at this say what you see game.

Holly put the card into the Mr Chips holder and Katy was first to answer – not to difficult a card and she got it before the sand timer ran out.  Next up was Mandy again no problems, by this time I’m jumping up and down waiting for my turn, at last Holly puts up my card – blank expression – I just couldn’t think of the answer and as the sand was running out the more blank I became to roars of laughter from the other 3 – friends, who needs them!

Time up for me and my card was offered up to the others and smarty pants Mandy nipped in quickly with the answer and bagged herself a cool £100 as well as one guess at the bonus board – fortunately the number she chose was empty. We carried on playing, saving our winnings until we’d completed the Super Catch Phrase Round and Holly’s part as host of the game was over.

We chose Mandy as the next host – she’d been too good at getting the cards right and I wanted revenge.  We laughed, we shouted, we moaned, we had a brilliant time playing the game which wasn’t over until everyone had played Host. Like every game there can only be one winner and as we’d carried our winnings from games 1, 2,and 3 to the final game nobody knew who had stashed the most cash. Here she goes again, the winner was Mandy – who knew this girl was so smart, obviously not me.

Buy Here at Amazon UK for £19.99 + Free UK Delivery

Was this game fun? Absolutely!

Will we play it again?  Oh yes – revenge will be sweet.  Families up and down the UK will love playing this around the Christmas table – we know we sure will be.

Congratulations to Drumond Park who have made it on to UnderTheChristmasTree official YouTube channel. To watch our demonstration including hwo to play view below.

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Is Catch Phrase one of your favourite TV shows? Get in touch below and let us know what you thought of the Catch Phrase board game.

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