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Celebrate Byegone Christmases with UnderTheChristmasTree

Turn on the wireless and turn up the whangdoodle while you flap around the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to present day with UnderTheChristmasTree, as we celebrate our Byegone Christmases series.

Every month UTCT will be heading back to a bygone era to celebrate Christmas’  past.  From fun how to’s, recipes, victorian times, music, facts, Q&A’s to competitions and much, much more.   This month we want you to get your glad rags on and roar back to the 1920’s to find out how those in the UK celebrated all things Christmas.

We here at UTCT are always keen to look at different Christmas traditions.  The 1920’s is full of milestones and so what better decade to kick off our ‘christmas gone by’ series than the roaring 20’s?

In this chapter, we will be focusing on a different decade each month. We will be discussing how people of the era celebrated Christmas, gifting, fashion, music and the main man himself Santa Claus!

It’s difficult for us to think of a time without Eastenders let alone without Wifi or Microwaves, but we look at how people in times gone by had a rip-roaring time.

Alongside articles, how to tutorials, videos and music, we will also be doing Q&A’s with some of the biggest  names in town as they tell us all about different decades and how it shaped the way we are today, not to mention throwing in a few competitions to celebrate each era too!

You will be able to find out about a British Victorian xmas to how those up and down the UK (including city and country life) celebrated the festive seasons throughout the decades.

On the first of every month, UnderTheChristmasTree will change decades and showcase different by-gone Christmases.  Here’s a calendar of what to expect throughout the year:

We are truly excited to finally show everyone what we have been working on for so long, and so would love it if anyone who had any stories or photo’s from the decades mentioned above to get in touch with us, we might even publish it on our website!

So get a wiggle on, grab yourself a glass of giggle water and come and have a swell time.

What decade are you most excited to read about?  Do you have fun family stories and traditions you would like to share?  if so get involved with our By-gone Christmases theme by commenting below.

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