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Celebrate Christmas In The Heat Wave!

Truro Cathedral obviously has the same Christmas fever as we do here in the underthechristmastree offices.  Opening a Christmas Shop in the peak of the heatwave, Truro Cathedral are expected to sell everything from Nativity sets to Advent Calendars.

Cornwall seems to be feeling the festive spirit as they welcome the opening of the new christmas shop at Truro Cathedral.  As we here at UTCT will agree, it’s never too early to prepare for Christmas, though some may feel that opening the shop in the peak of the British summer is a little too soon…

The Very Revered Roger Bush, who opened the shop, agrees it seems a ‘bit odd’ to open a christmas shop during a heat wave, but goes on to say;-

“We’ve had a successful Christmas shop within the cathedral for many years and we’ve found, oddly enough, that during the summer months, when we get more visitors, that people want to buy good quality Christmas products.  I know it looks a bit odd, culturally, to have Christmas things in the middle of perhaps the hottest time we’ve had for many years, but we do believe there is a demand for this.”

The Very reverend is right!  People have already started preparing for Christmas, though many have questioned whether this is exploiting the commercialisation of Christmas, something the Very Reverend Roger Bush has vehemently denied.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong in being commercial, but we’ve got to be very careful how we get our message across.  If there’s a genuine demand for things and we can meet that demand, it’s absolutely fine.” he continued.

What do you think? Have you started preparing for Christmas in this heatwave?

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