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Celebration Ideas for Father’s Day

Fathers Day in the UK will be celebrated on 16th June, 2013

With Fathers Day looming ever closer what have your children decided to give him this year?

Will it be something they have made themselves – perhaps a home made card?

Home made projects not only please dad on the day but keeps the kids occupied for hours.

Make his day special with breakfast in bed – delivered by the children.

You can easily download a picture for them to colour and turn it into a Fathers Day card.

Finding something a bit more exciting that a pair of socks is always a trial.

Set the kids off on a ‘find something fun for dad’ mission.  Check out magazines for ideas.

Top suggestion is for the kids to make a special fathers day cake.  With a little help from Mum (she makes it – they stir it) and a free hand with the chocolate chips, sprinkles and icing, Dad will have a wonderful gift for his special day.

Get the kids to make a video clip telling him just what they think of him and maybe singing a special song, poem or story.

Everyone will love getting involved in this and it can easily be recorded on a mobile phone.

Father’s Day is a family event so get everyone to take part.  Why not organize a day out for all the family. This could include all the dads in the family, not just your husband but your dad, his dad, brothers, brothers in law the more the merrier.

Hopefully it will be a bright sunny day and you could all head off to the park or beach where the kids can get all the dads involved in races, games, etc.

Invite everyone round for a fun barbecue – Dads love to barbecue!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the camera!  There’s always a special, fun moment and taking pictures will help you and the children remember this special day.

Just remember that it’s not all about the cost – dads appreciate special gifts that both you and the children have taken time and made especially for him.

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