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Celebrities Go Vegetarian!

To celebrate National Vegetarian week, we thought we’d do a post on celebrities who have gone vegetarian!

Since there are so many advantages to becoming vegetarian, it’s no surprise that celebville has gone veggie crazy!

Famous Celebrities who are vegetarian include;- Anne Hathaway, Carrie Underwood, Emily Deschanel, Natalie Portman, Ben Stiller, Bryan Adams, Mike Tyson and Russell Simmons.

There are lots more where that came from!

Some celebrities have shared their reasons behing vegetarianism, superstar country singer and American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, says she became a vegetarian after seeing her parents using cows for their meat;-

“Mom after that was so mad at me cause I quit eating what the family ate. I couldn’t eat those precious cows. They were my babies. I bottle fed some of them. And now I knew where they went.”

Carrie also points out just how easy it is to be a vegetarian, and even mentions that restaurants are helpful with your dietary needs;-

“There are so many restaurants that will work with you – even steakhouses. My husband loves to eat meat and there’s a place called King Prime that we like to go to. They’re always really nice to me and give me veggies if I ask for them. There’s loads of newer restaurants in [Nashville districts] East Nashville and The Gulch that will cater to you too.”

Across the UK, restaurants are also jumping in to help their customers with their dietary requirements after a surge in vegetarianism and other requirements among their customers.

Def Jam music Mogul Russell Simmons talks about his reasons for being a vegan;-

“The more I opened myself up to the idea of the full scope of exactly what non-violence translates to, the less interested I became in consuming the energy associated with the flesh of an animal that only knew suffering in his/her life and pain and terror in its death. The more I learned about factory farming and the cruelty animals raised for food must endure before they are led (or dragged) to slaughter, the more I realized that I could not, in good conscience, be a contributor to such violence.”

Will you be following the latest celebrity trend of vegetarianism?

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