Cheaper for Second Time Mums

Are second time mums more realistic about what their child really needs?

When baby number one came along did you, as most first time mothers do, spend a fortune on special (expensive) outfits, matching soft shoes and the cutest toys you could find?

Of course you did, and you were delighted to receive all those cuddly toys, which once they were all received filled the nursery, that friends, neighbours and family gave to your newborn.

By the time you ooh’d and ahh’d over all the outfits- bought in the first size – you discovered that your baby quickly outgrew said items and they after one wear didn’t fit. Many never saw the light of day.

Along comes baby number two and this time you intend doing things a little differently.

You no longer visit the designer stores and pay more for an outfit for the baby than you would on a dress for yourself, now you know that the outfit will only last a couple of months at the most and then never be seen again.

According to a survey a 33% of second time mums spend £200 less on child No.2 and are happy to use supermarket brand nappies and wipes.

As a more experienced mum you are much more realistic about what you really need for your new baby and what you need to do to look after it.

The daily weigh in is now a thing of the past, the survey reveals that over ½ no longer weigh their child every day, 2/5 take care not to over-sterilize utensils and 15% give up ironing muslin squares

As a second time mum you spend less time checking up on baby books or forums and rely more on your instincts and experience. Now instead of asking for information, second time mums are more likely to use friends and family for items that are necessary for the new baby.

The survey also revealed that over ½ said that they asked for specific gifts rather than yet another fluffy toy for their second child.

How did you change when you had your second child?  Get in touch below and tell us how you did things differently second time around.

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