Child’s Face Painting – Becoming A Witch

Check out our easy face painting steps to make your little one become a scary witch for Halloween!

We all know how scary Halloween can be, and that’s not just because of the spiders and ghosts!

Many parents dread the thought of making a halloween costume and face painting which is why we have put together this easy how-to guide for face painting a witch.

You can always head to Asda Direct to buy costumes, make-up and accessories.

Here are our tips below:

FACE: The easiest route would be to use green face paint. If you have green face paint, then cover your child’s face in it, not forgetting the neck.

Once that has been done, or if you do not have green face paint, head onto using black and leave to dry.

EYEBROWS: Now you can get to work on eyebrows,  make bold black eyebrows in any shape you want, straight line, squiggly line, frowning, anything at all!

EYES:  Once  you are done,  paint a big black bag under the eyes which is very simple, just draw a semi circle as close to the eyes as possible.  Now move onto drawing on wrinkles at the sides of the eyes, just small lines at the outer corner of the eyes.

Face:   Draw a few warts – one on the cheek and one of the chin. Now move to the lips and draw a line around them with the black once this is done, fill in the lips with either red or purple.

Once this is all done, draw a beauty spot on the neck and you’re all set!

Face painting doesn’t need to be so scary after all…

Why not sure your tips and tricks with other parents for Halloween Witch make-up? Comment below using our comments box.

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