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Let UndertheChristmasTree introduce you to the magical world of dress up and adventures with
Chloe’s Closet
! Chloe Corbin who is four-year-old loves nothing more than going on adventures with all of her friends and toys. Based on the popular TV show which airs on Cartoonito the animated series brings together responsibility, friendship, imagination and magic.

As Chloe puts on one of her magical outfits, she and her friends are transported to some exciting worlds such as a fairytale land, outer space and even the Jungle. This is a perfect opportunity for Chloe to learn all about the place – as she has always wanted to becoming a historian. With the help from lovely Carrot – her security blanket, Tara, Jet, Danny and more “Anything can happen in Chloe’s world.”

The range of Chloe’s Closet toys are designed around episodes and characters from the show so you can expect to see play-sets, figures and singing dolls.

Step inside the closet and see what exciting adventure you put on next!

Introducing Chloe and friends

Chloe Corbin – is the main character of the series, she is four years old and is Welsh. Brave, confident and believes her heart will lead her to wonderful places are just some of the quality’s she has! Her catchphrases are “Not in my world.”, “They are in my world.” and “Anything can happen in my world.” so whether she is rounding up a little calf or talking to the worlds greatest inventor you can always expect to learn something!

Lovely Carrot –  who is Chloe’s yellow duck security blanket is always on hand to to protect her at any cost, he is brave and friendly which is great especially with all the adventures they go on! Watch him come to life as they enter the wardrobe and hear Him say some of his catchphrases – “no worries” and “flying feathers”.

Tara Jansen  – who is four and a half years old (the half makes a huge difference!) is Chloe’s red-haired best friend. As she is slightly older, Tara thinks she is smarter and wiser than her “younger” friends. Tara can sometimes be a bit bossy but she doesn’t mean any harm by it and her friends know this!

James “jet” Horton –  who is also four years old is Chloe’s best friend and neighbor. With his brilliant Math Skills Jet loves nothing more than counting and sorting! When he plays with Chloe he sometimes can try and turn a girly game into a more boyish one!

Daniela “Danny” Rylant – is the Scottish tomboy of the group, she love her music and is always humming a tune. Danny likes to have tea parties but she loves to jump in puddles and chasing frogs. Chloe can sometimes be slightly overwhelmed by her intense energy however jet is the opposite – his face lights up whenever he see’s her!

Little Mac – who is not quite four years old yet only visits when his mum visits Gina (chloes mum). He is very curious but slightly timid however he sticks close to Chloe and Lovely Carrot does double duty when he is there to make sure Mac is fine.

Soggy  – is one of chloe’s toys who is frightened of being squeezed, but dreams of adventure anyway. Wizz  – is the electronic robot dog who can count from one to ten and woof – well as long as his batteries are charged!

Created by Golden Bear Chloe’s closet toys will be aimed at mums with children from birth to three and also boys and girls age four to nine. Helping to promote working together, friendship, life lessons and more the TV show and toys will have you hooked in no time!

These are no longer available.

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