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Chocolate Still On The Christmas Menu?

It seems Chocolate was firmly on our Christmas Menu’s over the festive season in 2013, after chocolate retail giants ‘Thorntons’ announcing a surge in profits, we ask… Did you indulge over the festive season?

Thorntons profits have increased by a whopping 47% in the run up to Christmas but despite this have decided to decrease their stores to around 180 across the UK.

With chocolate so firmly on our minds, it’s no wonder our jeans are so firmly on our hips! (just us? woops!)

As well as Thorntons, Cadburys tins are always huge sellers over Christmas, with supermarkets dropping them to £5 per tin of sweets.  We were certain that the tins had shrunk and we hadn’t actually just eaten more than we thought, and our suspicions were right!

Each tin has roughly 11 less chocolates in comparison to pre-christmas 2012.  Rising costs were to blame for the reduction but this doesn’t seem to have phased their customers with many people buying these instead of a typical box of chocolates over the festive season.

Just FYI – Chocolates are ALWAYS welcomed in the UTCT offices.   Just something worth mentioning.

With Easter on it’s way more chocolate is likely to be consumed, however more and more parents are buying gifts or vouchers instead of the tasty treat – what will you be buying?

Is chocolate on your Christmas menu for 2014?  or will this year see us cut back on all sugary treats?

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