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Choosing the right Childcare for your Child

Your maternity leave is over and you must return to work. This is the day you’ve been dreading since you first held your new baby in your arms.

Going back to work and leaving your baby will take a bit of getting used to. Try to make the transition easier by choosing your childcare well in advance.

How Do I choose the right Nursery?

Talk to friends and family who already use a local nursery – try to find one that is near to your home or work. Traveling to and fro can take up a lot of your valuable time.

Visit the nurseries in your area and get an overview of how they are run and have prepared some questions for the manager.

  • How many adults are there per child?
  • What qualifications do the carers have?
  • Are there other children around your child’s age?
  • Are there toys suitable for your child there?

Take a good look at the nurseries you visit.

  • Do the children already in their care look happy?
  • Are the staff interacting with the children or are they left alone?
  • Are the toilets etc clean?
  • Is there enough play space?

Drop in at unarranged times on some pretext or another to get a snapshot of how things work and if you still feel unhappy about leaving your little one then perhaps you may be better employing someone to come to your home to look after your child.

What questions should you ask a childminder?

You want to know that this person, who will be given the freedom of your home, is trustworthy, honest and above all else great with your child.

Before starting an interview have a list of questions ready such as

  • Why did you choose childminding as a career?
  • How long have you been a childminder?
  • What qualifications do you have?
  • Do you have children of your own?
  • Are you part of a childminding group?
  • Can you supply references from previous employers?

Knowing that you’ve made the right childcare choice will make returning to work a little easier, but if you feel upset and stressed about leaving your child perhaps try asking your boss/manager if you could start back on a part time/job share basis for a short time. This may make the transition easier.

Let us know how you coped when you returned to work – simply comment below and let us know.

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