Choosing your Baby’s Name

Choosing the perfect name for your new arrival takes lots of thought and discussion.

How do you choose the perfect name, after all it’ll be with them all their life.

We need to take into account how the name we choose will sound when they’ve reached their 50s and 60s.

How many fans of Shania Twain named their newborn after her or unwittingly gave them initials that would make them a laughing stock when they go to school – Christine Olivia Wilson nice name, shame about the initials (COW)

So how will you choose a name for your little bundle of joy?

Will you choose family names that have been included since Adam was a boy and Eve a girl? Or is something a bit more modern to your liking?

Many names are chosen following a favourite celebrity’s baby and in 2013 we have new mums to be Fearne Cotton, Jessica Simpson and of course the much awaited Kate and Wills baby.

Kate and William are likely to choose a more traditional name and Elizabeth, Diana and Victoria are hot favourites for a girl and Charles, Philip, George or James for a boy.

Names chosen from top movies are always a favourite and with The Hobbit being released this year lets hope that there are not too many Gandalph and Bilbo’s chosen.

We’d love to hear how you will choose or have chosen your baby’s name, simply comment below and let us know what you would choose!

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