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Choosing Your First Buggy

Shopping for your first buggy is a big deal. Firstly this is your first baby so what on earth should you be looking for?

A buggy is not just for your baby – it says something about you too – this is your new statement piece.

Above all else this will be one of the most expensive purchases you will make and as well as holding your precious new baby it must also be able to carry all the necessities that go along with a baby as well as your shopping.

It is essential that you spend time checking out all the brands to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Before you jump head first into the first buggy you’ve ooed and ahhed over make a list, think how you will use the buggy. For example will you be travel ling by car or will you be using public transport?

If you’re likely to use the car a lot then a travel system could be ideal for you, it allows you to take your car seat out and fix onto the buggy without waking your baby.

If you’ve to lift it off and on buses etc then a lightweight version may probably be more practical for you.

Always make sure to get the shop assistant to demonstrate the buggies for you, folding them down for the car, up for the baby and what every button and knob does.
This will give you a good insight into how you will be able to use the buggy and how difficult it potentially could be. Always remember to ask what accessories (like a rain cover) comes with it and if it’s reversible.

Don’t leave it all to the assistant- you are the one who will be pushing it around for quite some time so make sure that the handle is high enough for your height – adjustable handles are ideal.

If you and the baby are likely to be traveling alone on public transport make sure you can manage to open and close your buggy with one hand (you’ll need the other one to hold your baby) and don’t guarantee to get help off and on the bus either, so make sure it’s light enough for you to lift unaided.

The best buggy for you is not necessarily the most expensive. There is a lot of snobbery based on how your buggy looks. It is possible for your buggy to be practical as well as stylish.

My final piece of advice to you would be, don’t rush into your purchase, take time to think about the ones you’ve seen, check them out on the internet, many mums have already reviewed buggies and you’ll find honest opinions from real mums there, finally don’t forget to talk to friends about their buggy experiences.

You and your buggy will be together for quite some time, so spend time ensuring you get the right one for you and your baby.

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