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Christmas Cards Postage Costs

Royal Mail has today announced that First Class and Second Class letter stamp prices will remain unchanged for 2013.

At 60p for a first class stamp and 50p for second class it makes me ask ‘Will you be sending out Christmas Cards this year?’

Already many are saying that they intend to hand their cards out and they’ll not be posting any this year.

The cost of postage has totally outstripped the cost of cards. Lets face it, you can buy 50 nice Christmas cards for around £5, send them all out 2nd class and this increases the price to £30 – £25 postage and £5 for cards.

I completely understand that for many this is a price that they are not prepared to pay.

Looking at this from a different angle, I feel so sad for those who are elderly or living alone and who look forward to receiving cards from friends and family they haven’t seen for a while.

Christmas cards are often the only contact many elderly people have with their family and friends. It makes their day to receive a card with a short hand written note inside which they may well read many times over.

I must admit that I do look forward to receiving loads of cards at Christmas and happily display them around my home. An e-card doesn’t quite have the same appeal for me, although I do understand why many choose to send them.

What will you do this Christmas, will you send out your cards as usual or will you try to club together with friends and family to make sure your postal cards are at a minimum?

Let us know how you plan to send your Christmas cards this year
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