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Christmas Comes Early In Sheffield!

We all would think that Christmas is a few months away, but in actual fact, Christmas has already been celebrated in Sheffield!

St Wilfrids Centre in Sheffield was host to a ‘Christmas in May’ event which saw many tucking into a festive dinner, and a visit from Father Christmas himself.

St Wilfrids Centre is a shelter for homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded and there is a deeper meaning than just a celebration for the attendee’s. St Wilfrid’s are trying to provide a hot meal for everyone and at the same time, teach those present about the importance of eating a well balanced diet. The fun environment made the event more welcoming and encouraged everyone to learn.

Many of the people St Wilfrids provide for are unable to cook for themselves.  Now the centre have created their own recipe book to help people prepare quick, simple meals.

Mr Bradley said: “Last year I was talking to one of our clients who had lived on his own for several years.

“He told me he had never once cooked a meal for himself because he didn’t know how to, had lived on takeaways and was overweight with various health problems.

“After a chat I encouraged him to join a cooking course at St Wilfrid’s and it is now a joy to see him leave with a recipe to try at home.  This is much more common than people realise and one of the things which inspires us to teach people the basics of cooking and nutrition. The Christmas dinner shows how important a good meal is.”

The book is available from St Wilfrid’s. Proceeds go to its residential centre fund.

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