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Christmas Eve Traditions, Ideas and Activities

When christmas Eve arrives everyone knows how excited little kids are and even us adults too! with so much magic in the air of Santa clause arriving it can be difficult to keep your little one busy while your doing all the Christmas day preparations.

Here at we are going to put some top tips on what you might do for christmas Eve. Below is a selection of activites, ideas and even some great family traditions which you can start on Christmas Eve.

Let the magic of Christmas come alive!

Top Tip 1 – The Morning of Christmas Eve

As the morning begins children will be up early and be very hyper as tomorrow santa will come and give them presents. Start the day as you mean to go on, get them to have breakfast then go have a bath/shower to make sure they are ready for santa visiting at night. Why not get them to help you pick an outfit for the next day for them to wear. Also a cheeky idea for parents (especially if you need cleaning done) get your little one to tidy their room as santa clause will might look in.

Tip 2 – Mid Morning Ideas

Give your little one an activity to do such as helping to bake some cookies, get the reindeer food ready or even just a little job to do to make sure everything and everyone in the house is ready for santa. This is a great tradition to start up as they will look forward to their days events and know that certain jobs have to be done before santa arrives.

Tip 3 – After Lunch Christmas Eve activities & Ideas

Throughout the day your little one will want to know how long until santa visits why not set up the Santa tracker where they can check how far and where about santa clause is in the world.

You could even as part of their activity get them to make a santa telescope, you can do this really easily all you need is 2 empty toilet paper rolls which you stick together and then pain them red or even wrap them in christmas wrapping paper and decorate the edges by sticking cotton wool around it to make the telescope look like it has snow around it. This is a great way of ensuring your kids are kept busy but having loads of fun at the same time.

Tip 4 – If you are out and about why not visit church?

As the day is heading in children will get more and more excitable if you are finished your preparations why not take them to a church service which is on in the afternoon and is catered to children. This will allow your kids to see other children, do fun activities and basically let them run off some of that energy.

Tip 5 – Dinner time Why not do something a little different?

As dinner time approaches why not make it easier for both you and your children and get a take-away, this is something that will help make your day a lot less stressful. Having a takeaway on christmas eve is a great tradition to start as your little one will look forward to having their favourite dinner especially as the days ahead are big dinners which are pretty much the same for the next few nights. This will also allow you and your family a chance to settle down, talk about the days events and even start to be excited yourself for christmas day. Christmas Eve dinner should be something different to what you will have on christmas day.

Tip 6 – Start a Christmas Eve tradition of watching a Family Favourite Movie

Its always difficult to find time for the whole family to stop and take a few hours on Christmas Eve as there is always so much needing to be done but try and find time to get the whole family together and watch a film such as Home Alone, Miracle on 34th street, the grinch just something the whole family loves.

Tip 7 – Just before bedtime make sure your ready for santa clause

As bedtime approaches get a milky hot chocolate ready for your little one’s and get the stocking up if you havnt already this is a great way to help settle your child down for a good nights sleep.

Don’t forget to get santa’s mince pies ready and his much needed wee dram (glass of whisky or anything that santa likes) as he has been traveling for a long time so he will need a drink and some food to help keep him going, set the reindeer food out too as its not just santa who does all the hard work and then send them up to bed ready for a good nights sleep.

Tip 8 – Its bedtime!!

As Christmas Eve comes to an end (well for the children anyways) get them all snuggled up in their cosy warm bed where either you or the child should read a fun christmas story. A classic is T’Was the night before christmas this will let your cherished ones have lovely dreams. As they fall asleep you can now go back to the rush that is wrapping presents!

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