Christmas Food Gift Guide 2016: Let’s Have A Sweet Christmas This Year

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without lots of different sweets, but what about some non-chocolate sweets to try as well as chocolate? We were kindly sent these to review. Take a look at some of our favourite alternatives to chocolate and our favourite chocolate gift box below:

Chocolates For Gifts

Jealous Christmas Crackers – 200g – £8.99 eachJealous Cracker Sweets

Finally, jelly sweets which are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are gluten-free! Jealous sweets have released their new crackers which are packed full of sweets and these have been approved by The Vegetarian Society. In the blue cracker is 1 bag of 50g grizzly bears, 1 bag of 50g Tangy Worms, 1 bag of 50g of sour beans and 1 bag of 50g of tropical wonder. Each of these tasted lovely, our favourite was the tangy worms which have a sharp taste to them!

In the red with yellow spots Christmas cracker is the Fruitilicious flavours which again are all vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free and have been approved by The Vegetarian Society. Again in this cracker is the grizzly bears, tangy worms, sour beans and tropical wonder. Each of these had there own unique taste and the fact that they were suitable for everyone to eat made these a big plus!

You can find out more about Jealous Sweets and where to buy them here

The Arabica Food & Spice Company Turkish Delight – From £4.50Rose Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of our favourites at Christmas time, especially different flavoured Turkish Delight. The Arabica Food & Spice Company kindly sent us a few of there flavours to try. Apple, Rose, Lemon and Double Pistachio were sent and we have to say we loved them all. Each of these are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are so full of flavour that you’ll be ordering lots of these for Christmas.

They come in beautiful cellophane wrapping with a bow to tie it shut and inside is the Turkish delight. The apple and lemon were zesty and also had a sweet taste to them to counter balance any sourness, however our two favourites were the Rose which can be tricky to get right as to much rose flavour can really ruin a sweet, however this sweet had the perfect amount. The double pistachio was also one of our favourites as it was full of pistachios which gave it a very slight salty taste which balanced out perfectly with the sweetness of the Turkish delight.

You can find out more about this Turkish delight and where to buy it here

Thorntons Milk, White And Dark Chocolate Star Collection – £7.00Thornton Star Collection

Thorntons Chocolate are always popular at Christmas so when Thorntons kindly sent us there new Star Collection we couldn’t wait to try them! In the box were 4 different flavours of chocolate, praline, honeycomb, fudge and truffles, each of these were in white, milk or dark chocolate. Trying each of these individually we could instantly taste the flavours in each of them and they all had a good covering of chocolate on them.

Our favourite was the honeycomb which had a really good crunch on it and tasted just like a crunchie bar and the truffles which were so soft and just melted in your mouth. Overall we thought this Star Collection from Thorntons was delicious and looked great so could easily be given as a gift!

You can buy this Star Collection by Thortons and find out more information about this gift set here

What is your favourite sweets to have at Christmas time? Comment below and let us know or share using the social media buttons below.

Please note we were sent these to review but all thoughts are our own.

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