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Christmas Gift For Dogs: PetWeighter Dog Bowl Review

Have you ever thought food and drink was just part of the floor when you have a dog? Then you’ll worship the new weighted bowl from PetWeighter. We were kindly sent this to review.

Firstly if you have or have ever owned a dog you’ll understand the gripe of food and water being splattered everywhere in your kitchen when dinner time has been announced, basically your onto a losing fight!

The food goes everywhere, water is sloshed over the sides and as for your dog, well, how can get you mad when it’s big eyes say ‘I Wuff You!’ So when PetWeighter sent in it’s new innovative two part bowl which according to the website will prevent mess we had to put it to the test.

John took the bowl round to his mum’s house, (to the rest of the team known as Nana, as we are a family business) for Isla to try out, a puppy in all of our eyes, Isla is an older dog with a few problems which you can only expect as they get older, the usual moans and groans of aching joints and eyesight not so good.

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Firstly the bowl comes in two parts, the top is detachable and the bottom is where you can fill the base with water, sand, both water & sand or even ice. This is where the weight is added and can weigh up to 13kg, for Isla we only needed it to be heavy enough so when she eats her food the bowl would not tip so we added sand to the base.

John wasn’t sure just how quickly the little pup would take to the bowl, being older Isla does like routine and familiarity! However he said: ‘I was really surprised, she went straight up to the bowl and started eating and you could see that instead of straining and having to bend she could eat upright at a very good height, what’s more my mum (who is 81) didn’t have to clean up spilled food every time she walked into the kitchen’.

As for cleaning, it’s dishwasher safe, please do watch when picking up depending on how heavy you have made this. If you like a clean, stylish design you can choose from Festive Red, January Blues, Turquoise and Party Popping pink for £24.99 HERE at Amazon UK.

Overall Isla can’t  get enough of her new bowl and it has put a smile on all of our faces seeing how easy it is for her to eat from and for Mum (Nana) to use. If you’re a pet lover or have grandparents who have a dog this would make an ideal Christmas gift.

PetWeighter kindly sent us a bowl for review however ALL opinions are our own.

Does your dog spill it’s food or water when eating?  Share your experiences below!

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