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Christmas Gift Idea: The Kurio Smart 2 in 1 Laptop For Kids

Will your child be asking Santa for a laptop or tablet this Christmas? If so make sure Kurio Smart the 2 in 1 tablet is top of their list. We were kindly sent this to review.

Now that you’ve decided to buy your child a tablet this Christmas, the burning question is ‘What tablet should you get?’ you’ll obviously want one which is safe, fun, has all the latest technology and more to the point will let you claim back your tablet which the kids play with every-single-day! So when Kurio Smart landed onto our desks we wanted to see how many of these boxes it ticked…..

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Without even opening the box, you’ll be hit with everything you need to know, from parent controls, pre-loaded apps, Microsoft Office 365 and exclusive two player motion edition these are just only a few of the fantastic features you will be able to use and the icing on the cake this is a detachable 2 in one laptop so once your child has used this for homework they can take off the top and play as a tablet, Elaine from the team thought this was a great idea!

The device is loaded with all homework essentials (sorry kids!) including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote and offers unlimited storage on OneDrive, however don’t worry its not all boring school stuff as the table is preloaded full of fun favourites including motions games which corporate gamer’s movements via a camera.

In terms of specifications the Kurio Smart offers an 8.9 inch scree, 0.3 megapixel camera on the front and 2 megapixel camera to the rear, WI-FI enabled, Bluetooth, Windows Family Safety parental controls, micro SDHC card slot to add up to 32GB and a whopping 5 hour battery life – which we tested and can confirm that it really does last that long!

Inside the box, you will receive a user Manuel, the device itself and power adapter which lurks under the tray. Children age 8-12 will be able to hold the device easily as it is not to heavy to and as for design, Elaine said it gave off the impression of an adult laptop so those who are a little older will not feel as though they are using a child’s laptop.

Elaine said that detaching the screen from the keyboard was simple and certainly didn’t make her worry it was going to break and once she had started up and set up her account the laptop was so easy to access she could have easily swapped hers for this however she did recommend if using the touchscreen do use a touch-pen as you wont want stick chocolate covered fingers all over the screen.

Overall if you’ve or should we say if Santa has decided to get your little one a tablet for Christmas we couldn’t recommend this one highly enough.

Priced at from £179.99-£200 these are likely to be one of the hottest 2015 Christmas gadgets for kids. You can buy Kurio Smart from AMAZON UK, and Argos

Kurio were kind enough to send UnderTheChristmasTree the Smart tablet for review. For more information please visit: Kurio World

Has Kurio Smart tablet made it onto your child’s Christmas list this year? Share your thoughts below.

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