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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Drumond Park’s Rapidough Game

Rapidough is the fast-paced team game which will have you shouting out as many answers as possible. We were delighted when Drumond Park sent us over the new Rapidough board game and we couldn’t wait to get it out of the box.

This is a really popular family game and it has been around for quite a few years, however, that said, this  is a much loved, hugely popular favourite that will have all your family and friends rolling with laughter.  Surprisingly challenging and utterly absorbing this unique table top game would make a great ice-breaker at any occasion.

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Inside the box of this challenging charades type game were all we (k)needed to play this irresistible game of instant, frantic, modelling fun including:

  • 2 Containers of coloured Modelling Dough (yellow & blue)
  • 2 Modelling Mats, one with yellow hands and another with blue hands
  • 2 Red Modelling Tools
  • 2 Red Dough Plugger Tools
  • 3 Packs of Rapidough wine coloured Word Cards housed in a strong cardboard box

Uproarious fun for all ages from 8 -108, all you have to do is shape your dough into the detail on the card. How easy could it be?  That really depends on your sculpting skills and when the team at underthechristmastree got together to play the game with a few friends we discovered just how little dough shaping skills we really had and got into a real tizzy as we battled to create the character on our card.

“We separated into two team, John and Holly versus Katy and Elaine. Each team nominated one person and they went head-to-head against the opposite team. So it was John versus Katy to see who could mold there shape the quickest. Each picked a card and had to mold what their cards said, John’s was a snail and Katy’s was a branch and the race was on.

Holly was first to guess what John was molding  much to Katy’s frustration. As John finished first he got to steal from the opposite team’s dough – the more times you lose, the less dough you have to model what’s on your card. Holly and Elaine were up next and on this round Holly was the winner and again stole more dough. The game continued and John was crowned the over all winner on the game as he had all of the dough. The team had lots of fun playing this and would definitely want to play again…Katy has already demanded a rematch!”

Will yours be the first team to guess a word that’s being modelled by one of your team mates before another team guesses their word and gets to steal a plug of your dough?

Rapidough is addictive fun and a great way to get all ages together, from grandparents, to kids age 8 and over and all those in between, everyone can get involved. This brilliantly funny, fast and furious family game will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family not just at Christmas but all year round.

Put your modelling skills to the test this Christmas as you challenge friends and family to a Rapidough play off.

This is a brilliantly loony game – that’s set to be masses of fun for everyone. Will you be one of the winning team with most dough left, or will you be left doughless this Christmas?

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