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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Myth 2 in 1 Day and Night Globe

This SmartGlobe allows children to learn and hear audio stories all about Earth, Constellations and Fairy Tales. We were kindly sent this to review, here’s what we thought.

Image of Oregin Scientific Light Up Globe
Image credit: Oregon Scientific

Mandy from our office was more than happy to review the new 2 in 1 day and night globe, Mandy said: “When I was younger, I would have loved to have received one of these for Christmas, the globe is packed full of facts and is a fun way to learn.

Image of Oregon Scientific Globe

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To set up the globe, I plugged the USB into my computer and pressed the power button – I must just mention that you can put in 3 x AA batteries if you don’t want to put this onto your computer. Once I had pressed the power button I was greeted with a voice welcoming me to the SmartGlobe and told all the things the Myth 2 in1 Globe had to offer. There is the 5 Earth facts, 12 Constellation Facts and 10 Fairy Tales, all of which can be heard by pressing the buttons, I pressed the earth button and was given this fact ‘The earth takes a year to orbit around sun’ or if I pressed the Fairy Tales I was told the story of 3 little pigs.

The volume was quite loud but not too loud and I could play and pause the audio to suit myself. There is also a button to light up the globe which illuminated the stars and the planets which looked at it’s best when it was dark.

Image of Oregon Scientific Globe Base

There is also the option to use a tablet or smartphone to unlock Augmented Reality content such as dinosaurs, weather, animal, landmark facts, even exploring flags and fun challenges which I thought was really great as kids could have even more fun learning with this extra addition.

I really liked how detailed the SmartGlobe Myth was and also liked the fact that when I spun the globe it stayed and place.

Image of Oregon Scientific Globe On

Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the Oregon Scientific Globe, all of the facts which were interesting to hear and the fun way it encouraged children to learn.”

Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Myth is suitable for ages 5 years and up.

More information can be found here or you can buy this from Amazon.

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