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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Get your skincare sorted with 31st State skincare for Men

Let’s be honest, as much as we love and adore the festive season, one thing we can’t get on board with is dry, damaged skin during the harsh Winter months. Enter 31st State. We were very kindly sent their Starter Set to try out.

31st state is a male skincare brand that offers everything from foaming cleaners to hair putty and even a hair & body wash. Their products are Vegan and dermatologically tested. We were very kindly sent their Starter Set to try out.

Included in the starter set is:

  • 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash
  • Foaming Face Wash
  • Overnight Clearing Pads
  • Roll On Deodorant
  • Style & Shape Hair Putty

We asked John, AKA the ‘boss’ to try these out and share his thoughts.

“I’m a ‘no fuss’ kind of man when it comes to grooming, but even I will admit that winter weather plays havoc on my skin and hair. Both dry out a lot and thanks to those strong Scottish winds we get up here, my hair invariably ends up all over the place the second I leave the house.

When I was asked to try out the 31st State Starter Set, I figured it would just be a bit of a faff, but actually, after using the 31st state products and seeing the results, I’m converted to being a high maintenance man!

There are five full size products in the starter set and each of them have the same scent. The scent is quite strong but certainly not overpowering. When I use the range, I don’t like applying a EDP because the scents clash – this is nice on it’s own!

My favourite products are the Overnight clearing pads and the hair putty.

For me, having ‘no fuss’ at bedtime is important, so the fact that I can use one of the Overnight clearing pads without needing to rinse it off is ideal. I find they leave my skin feeling really calm and relaxed, probably thanks to the Tea Tree that these contain! My skin in the morning feels fresh and free of blemishes which does the trick for me.

As I mentioned, my hair does tend to blow around a lot in the Scottish wind. The Style & Shape hair putty has made a big difference in helping me to shape my hair and keeping it held together when I’m on the go throughout the day.

Overall, I am a fan of the 31st State starter set and look forward to trying more!”

The 31st State Starter set is available for £53 by clicking here.

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