Christmas In A Coffee Mug

When it comes to a dark winter’s night, you simply can’t beat a hot steaming cup of coffee and a few biscuits of course and with Cherizena Christmas Coffee you will be transported into a magical yuletide world of  flavours.

Coffee specialist Cherizena has released it’s very popular Christmas Colombian coffee and it contains everything that will make you want to pop the kettle on right now: Rum, Nuts, Orange and Spices – Kettle on? We thought so!

When this cute and festive red packet popped through UnderTheChristmasTree’s post box, we just HAD to stop work and click the kettle on – you couldn’t just have one of us testing so the whole office took part – it only felt right, am I convincing you?

Opening the packet I could automatically smell what could only be described as Christmas pudding in a packet and already felt festive.  Taking a heaped teapsoon (I like mine strong) for myself and filling the rest with just a normal teaspoon amount, I poured in the boiling water.

The coffee was a rich dark colour and stirred up nicely, Holly had her’s with a dash of milk and it looked creamy a bit like a hot chocolate. As we settled down with a cookie of course (you can’t have a coffee break without a biscuit) it literally was like drinking Christmas from a cup.

You could taste all the spices and rum flavouring – I’m not sure if you could have another straight after, as it is pretty rich, however this really would be a brilliant alternative to hot chocolate and you could probably even top with mini marshmallow and whipped cream.

You are able to buy in either beans or ground, regular or decaffeinated and in an array of different pack sizes.

If you are looking for something a bit different Cherizena’s range of Christmas coffee’s are definately worth a go – With so many different ones to try, do you think the boss would let us have a few days off? For work purposes of course!

Prices start from £1.50 and is available from

What do you like to keep you cosy and warm over the wintery months? Comment using our comments box below.

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