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Experts reveal biggest Christmas interior trends for 2020

Want to find out what the hottest Christmas trends for 2020 will be? We ask top UK experts to tell us what they think will be the trends, colours and decorations we should be looking out for.

Image of Christmas blue decorations
Image credit: tpsdave via Pixabay

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When looking ahead to the festive season, it can be hard to know what colours, decorations and themes we should be looking out for. This year seems to follow animal, minimalist and the colour blue this year.

Steph Briggs from La Di Da Interiors said: “The gloriously decorated fantasy-style exotic animals which made an appearance last year are continuing this year but bigger and brighter, also joined by leopard print baubles, browns and golds with pops of colour and texture via feathers and glass textured baubles. Think jewelled colours and rich opulent patterns. We will be seeing more vibrantly coloured trees to add to the bohemian feel.”


Image of vintage decorations
Image credit: pixel2013 via Pixabay

When thinking about colours, Sean Evenett, MD of Bespoke Interiors said “When looking ahead to Christmas 2020, there are two colour trends I think are going to be really popular. Firstly as ‘minimalism’ and ‘nature’ have become more prominent design styles for the rest of the year, 2020 may well be the year we see this have an impact on Christmas. For this reason, expect to see lightly decorated trees with very simple colours or even just white lights and lots of greenery to blend in with the tree itself.

The other colour trend is something we started to see last Christmas with autumnal colours making their way into Christmas. Known as the ‘campfire trend’, this sees orange earthy tones join reds in the Christmas mix, and I think this will be even more popular this year.”


Talking to interior designer Laura Felicity about what she believes will be this years top trends, green Christmas, dark & moody and vintage/heritage will be this years trends.

Image of green decorations
Image credit: croisy via Pixabay

‘Green Christmas’ – This year’s Christmas trend based on natural elements and sustainability. Expect to see neutral, calm colours involving warm, earthy hues including grey, mixed with deep green shades and burnt red/browns.

Involve nature within your Christmas décor where you can; hang wreaths to create a feature on a focal wall, and display foliage decorations along the mantelpiece, shelving and banister areas. Compliment this with sustainable wood and ceramic based interior accessories to give a sense of balance with neutral earthy colour palette amongst the greenery.


Image of dark decorations
Image credit: VR_Fotografie via Pixabay

‘Dark & Moody Christmas’ – This year’s Christmas trend is all about comfort and coziness. Involve dark and deep jewel colours into your Christmas decorating, inviting darker ambiances. In particular navy blue will be a popular colour to use. This warm shade will add cosiness and make your guests welcome and comfortable.

Make a cosy statement by having a navy feature wall, because this colour works very well in large areas. Or decorate in navy with smaller interior accessories and decorations around your home.


Image of vintage decorations
Image credit: Sangeeth88 via Pixabay

‘Vintage/Heritage Christmas’ – This year’s Christmas Trend based on products with soul, story and sentiment. It’s all about the time of tradition and family with this Christmas trend. Expect to see colour palette of rose pinks and heritage blues with metallic hues; picture antique, rusty and patina affects.

It’s the perfect excuse to dig out any vintage ornaments and decorations that hold sentiment to you. Style with interior accessories and larger statement pieces with distressed looking metallic elements and accents of rose pinks and heritage blues to set a very familiar tone in your home.


These are just a few expert predictions, Trudy Hendy from Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm also gave what she predicts we will be decorating our Christmas trees with.

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