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Christmas Is On Its Way – Get Your Letters Ready!

Christmas is coming fast and now to add to the excitement Official-Santa-Letters.co.uk will be launching their website to officially take orders for delivering letters around the world. On September 25th you can submit your order to Santa to deliver a personalised letter to your child from Santa himself!

Last year, you could choose from 4 different letter colours, submit your child’s name, age, achievements, wish list, additional information and of course choose whether or not it should be signed by ‘Santa’ or if you would prefer ‘Father Christmas’.

According to their website there is going to be new and exciting improvements to the site but who knows what they will be! We will just have to wait until September 25th to find out! As of today (04 September 2012) there is only 21 more days to wait until their site is live.

WE..CAN’T..WAIT! Can you?

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