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Christmas No.1 For Ed Sheeran?

We all love Christmas and here is another reason to love it just a little bit more.

Ed Sheeran has written a festive track for the holiday season and is quoted as saying “I wrote a Christmas song the other day, which will hopefully end up as a Christmas single.”

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Does this make Christmas 2014 the ‘most wonderful time of the year’? Fans of Ed probably think it does.

Will Ed take on the mighty power of Simon Cowell’s XFactor winner in the race for the prestigious Christmas No.1 slot?  If it’s half as good as the tracks on his latest album Multiply then look out XFactor!

Since as yet it hasn’t been confirmed that he will be releasing his festive track we’re perhaps a little early to be waiting to listen to it but as Ed has said he’d be up for taking on the X Factor winner in the race for Christmas Number 1, we can but wait and see if Ed Sheeran really will be jingling all the way to the top of the Christmas charts.

Get in touch below and tell us who you would like to see at the top of this years Christmas Day Chart.

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