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Christmas Review 2017: Cheeky Monkeys By Orchard Toys

Cheeky Monkeys by Orchard Toys is a game of chance for all the family. We were kindly sent this game to review and here are our thoughts on it:

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Cheeky Monkeys is suitable for ages 4 years and up and requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of four and the aim of the game is to be the person with the most bananas at the end of the game. So Holly, Elaine and John from our team were the all volunteered to play this game.

Cheeky Monkey Instructions

“When we first took all of the pieces out of the Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys box we followed the included instructions to set it up, which was really easy and quick to do. We simply slotted the 3D trees together by matching the coloured strips at the bottom which created four coloured sections, attached the spinner to the board and placed all of the monkey cards face down. Each of us picked a coloured section from the 3D tree – I got red, Elaine got blue and John got yellow, each of us took one face down monkey card from the table and placed it onto our section.

Then it was my turn to go first as I was the youngest player. The spinner landed on a banana section, so I turned over the monkey card and placed it face up. The card had two bananas on it and at that point I had a choice, I could keep the monkey card and place it on my section of the tree or take a chance and spin again to try and get some more bananas. I landed on the pool monkey card which meant I had to take any monkeys I had collected and place them on the pool board and the next player then got a turn.

Cheeky Monkey Game

John was next up and he landed on a cheeky monkey on the board which meant he could take one monkey from another players section and hook it on to his own! Last up to have a turn was Elaine she spun the arrow on the baord and landed on the ‘?’ which meant that together with any monkeys on the pool board, she could hook them onto her section of the tree.

We continued playing the game until there were no monkey cards left on the table and each of us counted how many bananas we had, I originally had the most but Elaine landed on The Cheeky Monkey section of the board game and took the ‘6’ bananas card that I had collected which meant in total she had the most bananas and was the winner.

Overall we thought this game was a lot of fun and really brought out the competitive side in all three of us as we tried to steal each other’s bananas.

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