Christmas Review 2017 – Drumond Park’s ‘Who’s the Dude?’

Do you and your family love to play charades? Then you’re all going to love Who’s the Dude?, the hilarious new game for adults 16+, from top games company Drumond Park. We were kindly sent this to review.

Image credit: Drumond Park

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Inside your ‘Who’s the Dude’? box you’ll find :-

  • an inflatable Dude
  • 110 charade cards (445 total charades)
  • 50 score sheets to help tally out the points

Who’s the Dude? is an hilarious twist on the classic game of charades that is played year on year by many families during the festive season and we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

First things first – although we couldn’t wait to get started we had to read the instructions:

  • The player acting out the charade must firstly read out the underlined information so players know what category is to be acted out.
  • Then there’s just 45 seconds left to act out as many cards as you possibly can and for every one correctly guessed by your team you’ll be rewarded with a point.
  • Use the score sheets to tally out the points and continue playing for four rounds, with the last round earning double points!
Image credit: Drumond Park

Opening up the box,(you can buy ‘Who’s the Dude? from Very priced just £24.99), we found a life sized (?), around 5 feet, blow up ‘Dude’ who helps bring this fantastically funny party game to life as he helps you play out the category shown on your game card.  All five members of the underthechristmastree team took part in this wacky game and it was amazing how quickly both Katy and Mandy were crying with laughter, (it’s possible that the 2 large glasses of wine they each had increased the level of hilarity) as they watched John and ‘the Dude’ act out a Sumo wrestler.

Image credit: Drumond Park

However as you’ve only got 45 seconds to act out as many cards as you can, (either download  ‘The Dude App’ or use the timer on your mobile) it was fortunate that it was soon Holly’s (and her new best friend ‘The Dude’) turn to act out the charade cards and funny though the ‘Wheelbarrow Race’ was, ‘stuffing the turkey’ and ‘pole dancing’ had to be seen to be believed!

Drumond  Park’s ‘Who’s the Dude’?  is an hilarious double act game of charades for adults that is suitable for 3 – 8 players, aged 16 and over.

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