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Christmas Review 2017: Magnetix Wellness Jewellery

When we were contacted by Magnetix Wellness Jewellery to ask if we’d like to try out some of their pieces, we didn’t need to think twice. Jewellery that we can genuinely tell our other halves is for ‘our health’? Yes please!

Magnetix Bracelet

Let’s be honest, when it’s this close to Christmas, we’re all scattering around looking for ideas for our loved ones gifts. This year however, we’ve found a few unique gift ideas, including these from Magnetix Wellness Jewellery.

You might have read online that magnets have healing power. Renowned for healing headaches/migraines, Neck/Back pain, Sleeping disorders, joint pain and even helping to ease your pets ailments. Now, you can wear healing magnets in stylish jewellery form, making the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Reading through the leaflet and information books that came with the jewellery, you will find stories from people who have used magnets to remedy their health issues. One in particular that jumped out at us was by someone who used a magnet to treat Epilepsy in their dog. The poor pooch at one time was having seizures every day until using the magnet which took them away completely. The pup then sadly had another seizure which baffled their owners, until they realised he had lost his magnet! Once the dog was reunited with it’s trusty magnet, it was back to being seizure free. Such an incredible story!

Magnetix Earrings

The magnets can be worn as earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and even as single magnets placed on a specific area of pain. Within a short time, users should notice an improvement in their ailments and if they’re anything like us, will spend their time browsing through the catalogue at more products!

We were kindly sent a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The earrings have a floral design with small diamante, making these perfect for a special occasion or everyday wear. The bracelet is silver with a green stone in the middle which has a calming effect and promotes concentration.

Each piece is beautifully packaged in a fuchsia pink satin drawstring pouch and would make the ideal gifts this Christmas for any member of the family.

For more information and to buy Magnetix, click here.

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