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Christmas Review 2017: Pure Pop Midi Marius Edition

Over Christmas and New Year, the festivities are continuous, or if you work for UTCT HQ, throughout the entire year! Because of that, we love to have our seasonal songs playing throughout the entire office, which is why the Pure Pop Midi Marius Edition is the perfect gift for Christmas 2017. We were kindly sent this to review.

Pure Midi Marius Lifestyle Box
Image credit: Pure Midi

The Pure Pop Midi Marius Edition has everything going for it – from it’s sleek design, to it’s capabilities, it’s well and truly deserving of it’s place here in the Under The Christmas Tree Christmas Gift Guide 2017. We sent Mandy off to put this to the test this is what she had to say:

“I’d heard friends talking about this Bluetooth radio from Pure and was delighted when one was sent to our office for review.

I could hardly wait to get the Bluetooth Portable digital radio out of its box so that I could get a detailed look at it. Designed and engineered in the UK, Pop Midi Marius is a compact DAB radio. With impressive sound and a mighty three year warranty – what’s not to like about this cute, box shaped radio.

Pure Midi Marius

Dressed in its classic grey Norwegian Marius design, it looks like it has a Christmas jumper wrapped around it, this digital radio is totally portable so you can take it with you wherever you go and as it’s also Bluetooth you can guarantee to get great sound.

With loads of amazing features including:

  • Stereo Sound – bringing the music you love to life
  • Bluetooth – wirelessly play the music on my smartphone
  • Pop Button –Simple and easy to use one touch on/off and volume control
  • Rechargeable Battery- giving up to 20 hrs continuous playback with the optional rechargeable ChargePAK
  • 20 Station Presets –Quickly select up to 20 DAB/FM stations of your choice
  • Alarms –Wake up to your preferred radio station or a tone alarm
  • Kitchen Timer –Set a countdown timer that ends with an alarm
  • Sleep Timer –Put your radio into standby after a set time period
  • DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio –Listen to your favourite DAB, DAB+ and FM stations

I enjoy listening to my favourite music and tend to crank up the volume (when everyone’s left the house) so I tried this with the Pop Marius Bluetooth radio and I’m happy to report that the dual speakers handled the increased volume without any loss of clarity. As the Pop Marius is totally portable I took it with me to a friend’s BBQ and took a ChargePak D1 with me as a back up (if you don’t have a charge pack 4AA batteries will do the same job) however the charge pack wasn’t required.

Pure Midi Marius Blue

As we’ve just turned our clocks backward by an hour, I was concerned that I might lose all my pre-set settings however, at 7.00am sharp the alarm on the Pure radio started playing music from my chosen radio station.  Great idea to have the radio as an alarm clock and even better it’s also got a snooze setting!  Just another 5 minutes zzzzzzzz!

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Available to buy now and with an RRP of £119.99 the Pure Pop Midi Marius Bluetooth Radio isn’t cheap but I think its good bit of kit and well worth it’s price tag.”

A great addition to any home this festive season!

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