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Christmas Review 2018: Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire Blaster

Light and easy to hold the new blue and orange Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire is a medium sized blaster that kids over 8 years are going to love, John and Elaine from our team put one of this years coolest toys through its paces. We were kindly sent this to review.

Let the battle commence…

Nerf Surgefire Gun

As always at UnderTheChristmasTree acting like a big kid is just part of the job so when Nerf sent through its new Surgefire pump-action blaster to review Elaine and John (being the oldest in the office) couldn’t wait to get out and fire up the bad boy.

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As the battle began (mainly consisted of Elaine firing it while John ran around UTCT HQ…) you could see just how far the darts could go – an amazing 27 metres and weighing in at just 1.2 Kg the Surgefire is light and easy to carry around meaning you’re always ready for some pump action blasting.

Nerf Surgefire Blaster

Once all the 15 Elite darts were used and scattered far and wide thought it was best to ask Elaine how she found using the Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire Blaster.

“This is a big blaster which resembles an old school water gun. I liked how easy this was to use and the foam ‘bullets’ were soft enough not to hurt John, but enough to make him run around the office while he was being ‘attacked’. Even as grown adults this is a lot of fun and is certain to be the ideal gift plus its battery free so you can play anytime!”

You just can’t beat a Nerf war, so load, prime, and pour on the firepower as the pump action blaster launches a nerf dart up to 90 feet, that’s around 27 metres of amazing fun. Fortunately the darts are relatively soft and shouldn’t harm players age 8 and over.

Watch our review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite here:

Included in the box you will find: Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire pump-action blaster, 15 dart rotating drum, 15 Elite darts and an instruction leaflet – batteries are not required.

Available for around £20 at Argos.co.uk

It’s Nerf or Nothin’ as Hasbro’s Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire blaster delivers the ultimate in blaster performance for all your Nerf battles.

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