Christmas Shopping when the Kids are around

Have you ever tried to shop online when the kids are lurking around every corner, questioning every website you go on to – just in case they can find some little snippet of information about Christmas?

The difficulty is that none of us want to spoil the surprise of Santa arriving through the night on Christmas Eve and to find us checking out the latest Nerf guns or Baby Annabell doll would ruin the magic that is Christmas.

So how do you shop when they are around? The best advice I could give anyone is ‘Don’t!’ There is nothing surer than the fact that you will be caught out and then it won’t just be the kids that feel a bit miffed.

An hour on the netbook when they are in bed is worth a full evening of trying to shop when they are around.

While they are around and playing with friends or other siblings try to listen out for information about what they hope will be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, this information will also save you loads of time needlessly searching for ideas.

It may be that you have to shop late in the evening but when Christmas morning comes and you see their happy, excited faces you know it was all worth it.

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