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Christmas Stores Open Early This 2014

If it was up to us here at UTCT, Christmas stores would be open throughout the entire year but normally they don’t open until October/November, however it seems UK online shops are launching their Christmas stores early this 2014.

Browsing through the internet (for work reasons obviously, don’t tell our boss!) we took a look at Harrods and realised it has launched it’s xmas store already! Surely that’s a good enough reason to be browsing during work hours…

This year, Harrods are focusing on Christmas Teddy bears including 2014’s official bear – Jasper and a selections of fine ornaments.  In particular, Tree decorations are popular on the Harrods website and we are certain the range is set to expand as Christmas grows closer.

Another Christmas store that seems to be showing it’s head before most of the rest is of course 24Studio.  Renowned for having great festive offers throughout the year but they seem to have more products than they normally do at this time of year.  Mainly decor, christmas wrapping materials and personalised gifts.

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Our final find is Amazon, we found literally thousands of items on Amazon and they even have a shop front for Christmas items.

With so many stores jumping into Christmas so soon, surely it’s time the radio stations all started playing Christmas music? We can but dream!

Have you seen any other websites with Christmas items on them yet? Leave your comments below or you can tweet us @underxmastree.

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