Christmas Toy Leaderboard – Top 5 Toys!

In one corner under the Christmas tree we have LeapPad and in the other we have Innotab, but wait who’s those coming from around the back of a bauble its…Furby!

Who will top this years predicted toy list? and who will be left scrambling at the bottom of the pile like a crushed mince pie?

With a host of UK toy retailers churning out their top toys prediction Christmas lists for 2012 we thought it only fair to do a leader-board so you can see who is topping this years most wanted toy.

This will consist of the lists we have received so far and when new ones are added we will change the top 5 toys accordingly. Check the Leader-Board so far below:

Christmas Toy Leaderboard – The Scores!


After John Lewis, Smyths and Toys R Us announce it’s top toys for Christmas the leaderboard has a new entry! the Nerf Elite Hailfire who has jumped straight in with five votes.

As you may have guessed Furby gained extra votes from all three companies, and it seems, Vtech Innotab 2 has superseded LeapPad 2 and Kurio, but for how long?

Under the Christmas Tree will be sure to keep you up-to-date with all of the latest results for this years top toys.

At the moment we have taken the most mentioned toys from The Entertainer, Tesco, Hamleys, UKMums.TV and Argos prediction lists.

As you may have already guessed Leappad 2, Innotab 2 and Furby are just about mentioned on most – it looks like its going to be a electronic feast this year under the Christmas tree!

Prices for these top five vary from £35 to around £70 but as we haven’t received all of the lists we can assume that more toys from £30 and under will be a big hit.

Toys we were expecting to see more of

There are a few toys which we thought would be higher up in the leaderboard including furby. You can see Furby has been mentioned in three of the major UK suppliers list but we expected this to really rival the kids tablets.

Another huge toy which not only did John Lewis showcase at their Christmas even was Kurio Android Tablet – basically its like the innotab only thinner, sleeker and is aimed at children age 4-15. The Kurio android tablet will be available for £150 plus you can choose from three different colours – Pink, Green and Blue.

Lego has once again been selected but at the moment they have not made the top 5 however you can expect this to change as more lists are revealed.

Keeping up-to-date with the toy lists
When more UK retailers publish their predicted Christmas toys we will change our leaderboard to show you exactly what toys are becoming more and more popular. You will be able to view what are going to be the most wished for toys and start buying before shops run out or prices go sky high.

If you would like to view these toys here they are below:

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